Travelogue Page 09/16/2007 A picture Wupatki National Monument

Situated in the rain shadow of Arizona's San Francisco Peaks, Wupatki National Monument was once home to prehistoric Anasazi and Sinagua farmers and traders. Today, this 54 square miles of the Monument preserves many free-standing masonry pueblos, field houses, rock art, pottery, baskets and tools. We walked the trails around 3 of the pueblo ruins. It’s amazing that they built these solid buildings ~800+ years ago. 

Travelogue Page 09/14/2007 - 09/19/2007 A picture Made it to Flagstaff

We did a long day of driving and made it to Flagstaff, Arizona.  We had traveled through Flagstaff once before, but hadn’t stayed in the area. So, this is a nice chance to check it out.

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