Travelogue Page 11/01/2003 A picture Crater Lake National Park

Taking and car and driving off from Collier State Park, it was time to see Crater Lake!

Travelogue Page 07/30/2003 A picture Newberry NVM and Paulina Lake

Taking a day trip in the car from LaPine State Park, it was time to see some nearby sights.

Campground Page 07/31/2003 - 08/01/2003 A picture Collier Memorial State Park

This park was pretty empty when I first arrived, so it was not difficult to find a site. As the day went on, the park continued to fill up. There was still a lot available, especially in the more central part of the campground, but I'm sure by Friday evening things should be pretty full up.

Campground Page 07/29/2003 - 07/30/2003 A picture LaPine State Park

Here's the RV set up on my site at LaPine SP.

RV in campsite

The Deschutes river runs through the park. The RV is about 50 yards or so away from the river.

Deschutes river

And here's another view.

Campground Page 07/27/2003 - 07/28/2003 A picture Detroit Lake State Recreation Area

The water level in the lake looks a little low, but it's a pretty good size lake non-the less.

Campground Page 07/16/2003 - 07/18/2003 A picture Valley of the Rogue State Park

The state park was nice, but it is more of a campground, without all that many trails.

Book page Jeff's Solo Summer Northwest Trip

For more out of state time, I'm off to Oregon and Washington. I will be attending the six day FAS-345 class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle from July 21-26. I will be taking my time traveling to and from this class. It is nice to spend at least two nights at each park so I can have a day to check things out.

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