Travelogue Page 09/23/2003 - 09/25/2003 A picture Bighorn National Forest

From Grand Teton, we traveled north and then east thru Yellowstone National Park on our way to Bighorn National Forest. The drive from Yellowstone to Bighorn was incredibly beautiful. Apparently, Teddy Roosevelt once proclaimed that the 50 miles between east Yellowstone and the town of Cody, WY, were the most scenic in America.

Travelogue Page 09/19/2003 - 09/21/2003 A picture Grand Teton National Park

From Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area, we traveled south into Grand Teton National Park. We stayed in the Bridger-Teton National Forest (the Hatchet campground), which is just along the east side of the Park.

Travelogue Page 09/16/2003 - 09/22/2003 A picture Gallatin Lonesomehurst Campground

We set up camp at the Lonesomehurst campground in the Gallatin National Forest near Yellowstone. 

Travelogue Page 09/16/2003 - 09/22/2003 A picture Yellowstone National Park

We had never been to Yellowstone National Park before. It was stunning.  We took way too many pictures...here is a sampling of the highlights of our visit.

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