Travelogue Page 08/02/2009 A picture Another day on Kingston Peak

A few days ago, we drove over Kingston Pass in the rainy weather. Today, the sun was shining and we thought we'd do it again. It is a great drive with wonderful views.

Travelogue Page 08/07/2009 Stairway in snow bank Stairway to heaven

After our great hike on the Butler Gulch trail, we decided to take a short side trip up Jones Pass. It was a beautiful day and the pass was right nearby. It ended up being a surprising experience!

Travelogue Page 08/07/2009 A picture Wildflower bonanza

The Butler Gulch trail was amazing! It's known as a "century" hike for wildflowers, because there are supposed to be over 100 species of wildflowers blooming at peak bloom time. We were lucky to be hiking at the peak of the bloom season, it was great.

Travelogue Page 08/02/2009 Chinn's lake from dam A beautiful hike at Chinns Lake

Chinns Lake is beautiful! There is a 4WD road into the lake, which has a lot of beautiful dispersed campsites all around the edge of the lake. The road isn't too bad, you can do it easily in a higher clearance vehicle, or veeerryy slowly in a regular car.

Travelogue Page 08/20/2009 Easier stretch of road, but still very rocky Hard core 4WD adventures

Wow! We found the hard core offroad trails today. Right next to our campground is the Middle St Vrain 4WD trail. It's rated as extremely difficult, but we thought we'd give it a try.

Travelogue Page 08/01/2009 A picture Rollins Pass and South Boulder Creek

Our plan was to drive up the east side of Rollins Pass, then hike the Forest Lakes trail from the top. Our plans ended up changing...

Travelogue Page 07/31/2009 A picture Kingston Peak - offroad in the rain

The weather started out looking sunny, so we decided to tackle the Kingston Peak offroad trail. It is supposed to have amazing views. The trail starts near the town of Alice. Well, by the time we got there and started up the trail, the rain clouds had moved in. Oh well, we decided to keep going anyway.

Travelogue Page 07/28/2009 A picture Moving north

Today we are finally moving north. Originally, we planned to head right up to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Travelogue Page 07/30/2009 A picture Another rainy day

Ick. Yesterday was socked in and pouring everywhere we went. Today is just as bad. Now that we've spent a day and a half at ~9,000' elevation and are hopefully more acclimated to the altitude, we were planning on taking a hike.

Campground Page 07/28/2009 - 08/05/2009 Our campsite Columbine

Finding this campground took some effort. The directions on the forestry website say "go through Central City on Hwy 279. At the top near the cemeteries, follow the signs to the campground."

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