About Us

In May of 2008 we sold our house and everything in it, packed up the dog and cats, moved into our RV, and became fulltimers! Our plan is to travel anywhere we can, see everything we want and have fun while doing it.

A little history about us...

Jeff Jeff is originally from Michigan. After graduating from college, he moved to California in 1985 and has been a software engineer in silicon valley ever since. He has worked at some of the big name companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, and many startups that no longer exist. Jeff switched from being a corporate employee to being a consultant years ago. He still does software consulting projects remotely for companies in California. As long as we have internet access, he can work!

Cynthia Cynthia is from Florida. After graduating from college, she moved to California in 1985. Cynthia also started out as a software engineer in silicon valley, also working at the big name companies such as HP, Sun and Apple, and a couple of the no longer existing startups. Cynthia eventually moved into engineering management, most recently as the Sr VP of Engineering and Operations at a software startup (which is still going strong, 10 years later).

We met at Hewlett-Packard as new college hires back in 1985. We got married, have owned (and sold) a couple of houses, and finally decided we wanted to see the country while we were still young(-ish).

Our RV We bought our RV, an Itasca Suncruiser 34v, in the spring of 2003. It's almost 34' long, with a slideout for the bedroom and another slideout for the living room. We have modified the interior quite a bit since we first got the RV. We took out the RV "short queen" bed and replaced it with a "Sleep Number" california king sized bed. A great improvement, especially since Jeff is so tall he wouldn't fit on a queen bed, let alone an RV "short queen". In the living room, we have removed the original dinette set, sleeper-couch and recliner. We've replaced those with our own table against the wall and two La-Z-Boy recliners. And, before we moved in for full-time, we had all the carpet ripped out and replaced with nice vinyl flooring. Lots of other changes, but those are the biggies.

dogs and cats When we started our travels in 2003, we took along all the dogs and cats. It was very crowded! Here is a picture of everyone sacked out along our dining/living room floor. From front to back are: Oreo (lab-mix), Caper (golden retriever), Pixie and Punkin (2 kitties we got when Caper was a puppy) and Jessie (german shepherd). Caper, Jessie and Oreo traveled with us from 2003-2007. They had great fun on our hikes, and you'll see many pictures of them on the site. Sadly, Jessie passed away in 2007. Later, when we sold our house in 2008, we decided that Oreo would be happier staying in a house with a yard rather than cooped up in an RV. One of our neighbors adopted her and she is now part of a happy family. Caper came with us as a fulltimer. Unfortunately, Caper passed away while we were in Santa Fe in May of 2009.

Chloe So, since May of 2009, we are traveling with just the cats. In addition to Pixie and Punkin, we have one other cat we brought with us from our house when we started full-timing, Chloe.

Since leaving California in August of 2008, we've slowly traveled across the southwest. It's been about 9 months so far and we've made it to Colorado. We're not in a rush and don't plan far ahead. We stay somewhere until we are ready to move on. Since Jeff is still working as a software engineering consultant, our one requirement is to have reasonable internet access. Nowadays, it's not too hard to get good internet access, even in the middle of the national forest. So far, the RV fulltime lifestyle has worked great for us.

So, now you know who we are, who is traveling with us and what we live in. Join us in our travels!