Activity Date: 
07/28/2009 - 08/05/2009

Finding this campground took some effort. The directions on the forestry website say "go through Central City on Hwy 279. At the top near the cemeteries, follow the signs to the campground."

You know you are in trouble when the best they can do is tell you to look for a cemetery! I'll write our story in the travelogues, so you can laugh. :)

Directions Note: Bottom line directions to get there... If you come in via Hwy 119, turn west onto Hwy 279. Follow to Central City. When you get to town, keep going straight, you will be on Eureka Road. Pass by the downtown casino area without turning, up the narrow, steep, one-lane, one-way road. Keep going, eventually you will pass some cemeteries. When you get to the the multiple choice forks in the road, the one to Columbine Campground is in the middle (there is a very tiny sign, not the normal forest service brown sign). Follow that dirt road to where it dead-ends at the campground.

This is a nice campground. Lots of sites we could use, and it's away from any highway, so no road noises. The one downside to this specific campground is that it is very popular with ATVers and dirt bikers. The entire campground filled up with ATV campers for the weekend. Luckily, the trails they used were far enough away that you couldn't hear the noise all day. But, you do have the noise of ATVs and dirt bikes going in and out of the campground all day. In our case, we were gone nearly everyday, so it didn't bother us much. If you are the kind of camper who likes to hang around the campsite and relax during the day, it might bother you.

Anyway... when we arrived it was mid-week, so the campground was fairly empty. We drove around and around to pick the site that gave us the best internet signal. :) Here is a picture of our site. I'm standing in the empty camp site across the road from us.

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Another picture from behind. Here, I'm standing on the campground road. While we are close to the road in this site (like almost all NF sites, unfortunately), the other side of the RV has a large expanse of woods. The next campsite over is quite far away.

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A picture of a different campsite, typical of this campground.

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Verizon phone service: Intermittent, but it depends on your site in the campground.

Verizon EVDO internet: Using our card and the RV's Wilson Trucker antenna, we get a usable signal strength (2.5-3 bars). This was in our site, driving around the campground, some sites dropped down to lower strength. Interestingly, using just our card and basic booster antenna (not the Wilson Trucker antenna), we got a minimal signal strength of 1.5 bars. Adding the Wilson antenna boosted the strength to 2.5 bars so it was usable.