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This is a nice location, right next to Fraser River Trail (bike and hike trail). Most of the sites are too small for a 34' RV like ours.

A majority of the sites were for tent camping. We found 4 sites we'd fit in for sure, and maybe a couple more that would be tight, but probably doable. We'd have to find somewhere else to park the car, though. Below are pictures of 3 of the sites we know we could fit into.

This one is not ideal , as it's next to the bathrooms (and campground host). But, it's a huge spot. It looks like it has a handicapped designation.

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This spot was really nice.

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And another site.

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Verizon phone service: Yes.

Verizon EVDO internet: Using our card and basic booster antenna, we got good signal strength (3.5-4 bars).