Robbers Roost

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This is really a tent camping campground. Although the forestry map says max spur length of 45', there is nothing near that in this campground.

We found only 2 sites that would fit our RV. The rest are way too small.

Here's one of the sites that would fit our RV, but we'd have to park our car elsewhere to use this site.

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This site had a neat bridge that crossed over the creek to get to your picnic table area. While this site looks really large, that is the road looping right past it, so part or your RV would be against the road. Not that there would be a lot of traffic in this small campground.

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Verizon phone service: No.

Verizon EVDO internet: Using our card and basic booster antenna, we got a usable, but not great, signal strength (2.5 bars).