St Louis Creek

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Oooohhhhh, this is so sad!! The pine bark beetle has killed so many trees in the Rocky Mountains.

The forest service has been clearing out dead trees from the campgrounds for safety reasons. Subsequently, this campground has been razed. :(

Directions Note: The directions say to turn onto County Road 73 (St Louis Creek Road) in the town of Fraser. As far as we could see, there was no direct turn onto CR 73 from Hwy 40 and we saw no signs. Because there are railroad tracks running parallel to Hwy 40, there is only one road that goes across the tracks. In town, turn west onto Eisenhower Ave, cross the tracks, continue to the end of Eisenhower (it dead ends), then turn south onto Carriage Rd. This will dead end in a couple of blocks on Mill Ave. Go west, this turns into CR 73/St Louis Creek Road.

Here is the view as you first drive up to the campground. Note the RV on the left, that's the campground host site. That site and a couple others are still in the trees over there. The rest of the sites are totally open, with all the trees cut down. They've taken these trees down recently enough that the wood is still waiting to be picked up.

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A view along the right side of the campground.

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Straight up the middle.

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FYI - if you are interested in what else is in the area, here are some signs that were along the road and show what trails and forestry roads are coming up. Strangely, none of the signs mention the campground.

Before you get to the St Louis Creek Campground, there's this:

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Later, you'll pass Leland CR Rd 159 on the left. In theory, the Byers Creek Campground should be around here somewhere. Amazingly, we couldn't find it! So many trees are cut down, with huge bulldozed piles, that perhaps the campground was closed with no signs?

Anyway, here's what's down Leland Rd:

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Verizon phone service: Yes.

Verizon EVDO internet: Using our card and basic booster antenna, we got a reasonable signal strength (3 bars).