West Chicago Creek

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After you turn off Hwy 103, the road out to the campground is about 2 miles of dirt and then 1 more mile of rougher dirt/rock. It's doable for us, but we'd be very slow.

Here are a couple shots of the forest road. I think this was during the first 2 miles. It got rougher for the last mile.

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The campground itself was nice. We could fit in many of the sites. One nice thing is that they did a really nice job of making level sites at this campground.

This is the typical site in the trees.

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Some sites had the back more open to the aspens.

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Overall, a nice campground. It might take a long time to drive our RV in along the 3 miles of rougher road, though.

Verizon phone service: No.

Verizon EVDO internet: Using our card and basic booster antenna, we got a minimal signal strength (1.5-2 bars).