Detroit Lake State Recreation Area

Activity Date: 
07/27/2003 - 07/28/2003

The water level in the lake looks a little low, but it's a pretty good size lake non-the less.

It is man made, with the help of a dam. There is a lot of water recreation all around the lake. Here's the RV in the campsite

RV in campsite

Due to a lot of contrasting shade and sun, I do not have any decent pictures of other camp sites, other then these empty ones below. They are typical, lots of large shady trees around.

Shady empty campsites

Here's one angle on the lake. As far as I can tell on the map, the mountain in the background is Mount Jefferson, at 10,500 feet.

Lake with Mt. Jefferson in background

Here's a shot looking down the lake another direction. As you can see, the water level is a bit low at this time.

Lake shot, low water level