Collier Memorial State Park

Activity Date: 
07/31/2003 - 08/01/2003

This park was pretty empty when I first arrived, so it was not difficult to find a site. As the day went on, the park continued to fill up. There was still a lot available, especially in the more central part of the campground, but I'm sure by Friday evening things should be pretty full up.

Here's a general campground shot. Just beyond the jumbo RV on the right you can see the backend of the Honda and my RV. I went for the pull thru site this time. No backing required. Also, tomorrow evening I can get the car hitched up and ready to go and not have to worry about it on Saturday.

Park shot

The Williamson River winds around the park. It is a pretty slow moving river. Too bad that dang utility pole is out there ruining the shot.

Williamson River

And here, right at the campground, Spring Creek, meets up with the Williamson River.

Spring Creek and Williamson River