trav·el \ˈtra-vəl\ To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey.

dia·logue \dī′ə lôg′, -läg′\ A written composition or discussion between two or more people, especially one directed toward exploration of a particular subject.

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Have fun!!

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We visited the southern part of Rocky Mountain National Park today, the Wild Basin entrance....

Easier stretch of road, but still very rocky

Wow! We found the hard core offroad trails today. Right next to our campground is the Middle St...

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The Butler Gulch trail was amazing! It's known as a "century" hike for wildflowers, because...

Stairway in snow bank

After our great hike on the Butler Gulch trail, we decided to take a short side trip up Jones...

Chinn's lake from dam

Chinns Lake is beautiful! There is a 4WD road into the lake, which has a lot of beautiful...

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A few days ago, we drove over Kingston Pass in the rainy weather. Today, the sun was shining and...

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Our plan was to drive up the east side of Rollins Pass, then hike the Forest Lakes trail from...

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The weather started out looking sunny, so we decided to tackle the Kingston Peak offroad trail....

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Ick. Yesterday was socked in and pouring everywhere we went. Today is just as bad. Now that we'...