Jeff's Solo Summer Northwest Trip

For more out of state time, I'm off to Oregon and Washington. I will be attending the six day FAS-345 class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle from July 21-26. I will be taking my time traveling to and from this class. It is nice to spend at least two nights at each park so I can have a day to check things out.

In order to get closer to Centralia, WA, I drive north to Salem, OR on July 19 and stay at the Phoenix RV Park. That will not be glamorous, but it will just be for one night and it will give me a chance to top off my food and water, and empty those icky tanks; all in preparation for the several days of boondocking to be done on the grounds of the Firearms Academy of Seattle (FAS). They have space on site, but there are no hookups. Hopefully, with just me, I can make it for seven nights. Since the last day of class is July 26, I could move off to a nearby RV park if need be. We'll see.

In order to get as many nights as possible outside of California, the first and last days will require quite a bit of driving. I'm guessing eight hours or so. That's a lot, but camping in CA does not help us out.