Newberry NVM and Paulina Lake

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Taking a day trip in the car from LaPine State Park, it was time to see some nearby sights.


First, I dropped by the McGregor Viewpoint, which was within the park itself. If you look really hard, you can see the Newberry Volcano in the background of the Deschutes River. It was a bit hazy, so it's hard to pick out.

McGregor Viewpoint

All other stops were within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, which is inside of the Deschutes National Forest. The first stop was the Lava River Cave, which is a long lava tube. It was about 40 degrees down there, and I actually started getting cold after a while. All my sweatshirts were back in the RV... Most of the pictures I took were, well, pretty dark. But here's a good one looking back toward the entrance.

Lava River Cave

I then went about 12 miles south to another part of the Newberry NVM, and stopped at The Big Obsidian Flow. This was from an eruption from long ago, and it is quite large and hard to capture in a picture. Rather than simply have a picture of a bunch of rocks, I just have an edge of the flow on the right in the picture below.

Big obsidian flow

Not too far away was Paulina Lake. It was a pretty good size lake, and any one picture can only get so much. Here's a shot with a little rock outcropping on the side.

Paulina Lake

There is a sister lake called East lake. Here, the Newberry volcano is visible.

East Lake

Any, finally, I stopped at Paulina Falls and hiked around to get a picture from the bottom of the falls. I think they are only 80 feet high or so, but they are still pretty.

Paulina Falls