Gallatin Lonesomehurst Campground

Activity Date: 
09/16/2003 - 09/22/2003

We set up camp at the Lonesomehurst campground in the Gallatin National Forest near Yellowstone. 

Morning clouds over lake

We plan to stay mostly in national forests since they are more remote, have hiking trails and allow dogs to play and go on the trails with you.  The campsite we found in Gallatin was wonderful. It was fairly empty, just a few die-hard fisherman.

Lonesomehurst in the morning was beautiful.  This is the view right out in front of our campsite.

There was a flock of pelicans hanging out in the lake while we were there.

Pelican on lake HebgenPelican in flight

We went into Yellowstone National Park on some days. One day, we hiked around the lake with the dogs. They had fun in the lake. Caper could fetch all day and night if we let her.

Caper swimming and fetching

At night, we'd get a good campfire going. Here's Jeff and the mutts around the campfire cooking our burgers.

Jeff at campfire with dogs

After a hard day, the dogs needed to relax. Jessie took a nap.

Jessie napping

Caper just watched what was going on.


The weather was quite cold. The lows at night were in the upper 20's. One night, it snowed. The lake and campsite were beautiful after the dusting of snow.

Snowy camp site