Yellowstone National Park

Activity Date: 
09/16/2003 - 09/22/2003

We had never been to Yellowstone National Park before. It was stunning.  We took way too many is a sampling of the highlights of our visit.

The classic Yellowstone image is of Old Faithful. We saw Old Faithful erupt. It was not the largest eruption, but was still very impressive.

Old faithful

We also had a great hike around the Old Faithful Basin area.

Colorful spring

Turban vent

On the way back, there a couple of bison wandered right up to the boardwalk trail. Quite a crowd gathered waiting to see if we could walk past the one bison that was right at the boardwalk.

Bison by boardwalk

Here is Jeff with that bison in the background.  Eventually, a group of us walked quickly past the bison. It watched us, did a funny hop/charge and trotted off the other way. A bit of excitement there!

Jeff near bison

The other classic Yellowstone image is the Mammoth Hot Springs terraces, which were gorgeous

Mammoth hot springs terrace

Mammoth hot springs corral

The spring nearby was very blue and all the trees were dead around it. Kind of eerie in the steam...

Mammoth springs dead trees

Driving around Yellowstone, we saw a lot of wildlife.  Bison were abundant and easy to see from the road.
Bison head shot

These two guys kept fighting...

Bison fighting

Bison fighting

Elk were also easy to see from the road.

Bull elk

Of course, we also saw much beautiful scenery as we wandered around the park.  Calcite Springs had neat basalt columns....

Basalt columns

Tower Falls had spires all around...

Tower Falls

Artist paint pot was a trail with small geysers and mudpots...

Artist Paint Pot

Undine falls was impressive...

Undine Falls

As we drove around the park, the mountains kept in view.

Mountain view

 On the east side, there was Yellowstone Lake and its "west thumb". That part of the lake had springs and geysers right at the edge of the lake.  This overall shot of a large spring shows part of the basin with the west thumb of Yellowstone Lake in the background.

West Thumb Basin

This was an exceptionally colorful spring at the west thumb basin.

Spring at West Thumb Basin

Fishing Cone Geyser was right in the lake. There was a very small geyser bubbling out on it's left side.

Fishing Cone Geyser

The colors in the springs of the west thumb basin were beautiful.  Below is the edge of the Black Pool spring. The spring water was very blue-green, with orange bacteria growing around in the water just around the rim.

Edge of black pool

On one of our side drives, we saw a coyote.


And, finally, here we are...Jeff is taking some video.

Jeff video taping

And here is Cynthia at one of the overlooks. As you can tell, it was a cold but sunny day.

Cynthia at overlook