Grand Teton National Park

Activity Date: 
09/19/2003 - 09/21/2003

From Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area, we traveled south into Grand Teton National Park. We stayed in the Bridger-Teton National Forest (the Hatchet campground), which is just along the east side of the Park.


Teton range

Hunting season started in earnest this week, so we were told by the rangers to be extra careful when hiking in the Forest, especially with our dogs.

Driving around Grand Teton Park, you see the Tetons from almost everywhere. They are totally awesome!

Teton range

The tallest sharp peak is Grand Teton.

Teton range park sign

We drove up to the top of Signal Mountain, which has a great view over the valley and the Tetons.

View from Signal Mountain

Here we are on top of Signal Mountain...

Jeff and Cynthia on Signal Mountain

And, as usual, from anywhere else you can also see the mountains. Cynthia, Oreo and the Tetons...

Cynthia and Oreo

Jeff, Caper and Jessie with the Tetons...

Jeff with dogs

One day we went exploring in the National Forest instead of the Park. The dogs had a great time.  Caper wanted to stay in the water all the time...

Caper in stream

But she did get out and run around in the field also...

Caper running in field

Jessie also had fun playing in the creek and running around with Caper. Unfortunately for Oreo, she had to stay on the leash because she has a tendency to run off.  Not a good thing with hunters around.

Jeff and dogs in field

During this outing, we also stopped by Lily Lake, where beavers have built a lodge.

Beaver lodge at Lilly Lake

On the other side of the lake, there was a pair of trumpeter swans and their baby...

Tumpeter swans with baby

Cynthia the photographer...

Cynthia and camera

Back at the campsite, Punkin was having a rough day lounging around...

Punkin sleeping

After that tough day of running and swimming, the dogs all lined up for a good evening nap.

Dogs lined up in front of couch

The following day, we were back in the Park again. This time, we drove over to Jenny Lake and took a hike around the lake and up to Hidden Falls.

Jenny Lake

The moon was out over the mountains during the afternoon.

Moon over mountain

There was a nice river at the lake also...

River at Jenny Lake

Back at the campsite, there was a squirrel who liked to yell at the he is chirping away at them, then moving around to get a better view of those nasty dogs.

Squirrel Squirrel

Last, but not least, Pixie decided to pack herself up in the cooler so she could go with us tomorrow! :)

Pixie in cooler