Mount Rushmore

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We had never been to Mount Rushmore before and weren't sure what to expect.  It is truly hard to describe how BIG this monument blasted  into the side of a mountain is. We were really impressed.  Especially when you think about the limited technology (dynamite, chisels and people) they had to sculpt back then. Amazing. 


Mount Rushmore faces

There weren't many things to get in the pictures to give a sense of scale. As one example of size, in the profile of Washington below, there is a tiny little "dot" on the left top of his head.  It looks like a tiny rock bump on his head against the blue sky. Well, that's actually a person up there. When we took the pictures, there were a couple of people up working on top of his head. That can give you an idea of the massive size.

Washington profile

Below is a young Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson

Teddy Roosevelt's carving with his glasses is amazing in its detail.

Teddy Roosevelt

Finally, there is Abe Lincoln. This picture shows very clearly how the eyes were carved for all the faces. They carved rods that stick out and reflect the light so when you are looking at Mount Rushmore, they actually look like amazingly expressive eyes looking out. If you look at Roosevelt's picture, you'll see what I mean.

Abraham Lincoln