Badlands National Park

Activity Date: 
10/01/2003 - 10/03/2003

Badlands National Park was an unusual place. Miles of prairie and these amazing rock formations all formed by erosion. The rock stands out in stark contrast to the flat prairie land surrounding it.


Typical Badlands formation

It's hard to capture the scale of these "mountains" in the photos. The above photo gives you a bit of perspective...there is a car driving on the road to the right.  

This area had some beautiful colors that were also hard to capture in photos, but we gave it a try. Below is sunset on our first day in the Badlands. You can see the sun lighting up the sky and the distant mountains.

Jeff at sunset

Another view of the subtle colors of land and sky.

Another view

We were hiking out in one of the ranges as the sun was setting. It went quickly went from a hot day to a very cold evening!

Moon overhead

One of the hikes had a bit of a climb up this rickety suspended ladder.

Ladder on trail

The setting sun really softened the colors of the surrounding peaks.

Peaks in sunset

Depression in sunset

The only wildlife we saw (besides birds) was this rabbit. It was right next to the trail and froze when we walked up. It seemed to think we wouldn't see him as long as he didn't move.


The painted hills were amazing. They really looked like someone had spray painted stripes on them.

Striped formations

We stopped at a prairie homestead that happened to breed white prairie dogs.

White prairie dog

Here's Jeff during one of our hikes in the Badlands.  It was quite hot during the day. Quite a difference from the cold and snow in the Yellowstone area.


After the Badlands, we went continued east and south visit family in St Louis, Missouri.