Oops in Denver

Activity Date: 
10/19/2003 - 10/25/2003

This picture sums up what happened to us in Denver. We were planning to stay one night near Denver on our way to Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately, as we were driving through Denver on the interstate, a freak accident happened where someone hit our car which we were towing behind the RV.  No more car for us! The car was severely damaged and we had to leave it in Denver. We finally got it shipped back to us (all fixed up) 2 months later on December 19th.

Smashed up toad

We had to stay in Denver for a bit while dealing with the car. So, we went to the Denver Zoo. I had some fun taking portraits of some of the animals.

Tiger cubs Adult tiger

Lounging polar bear Polar bears playing

African wild dogs Cougar

Bird Bird

Ring tail lemur


These make us want to go on an African safari again!

After our stop in Denver, we continued on to our original destination (minus one car)