Arches National Park

Activity Date: 
11/01/2003 - 11/02/2003

Arches National Park was rather small compared to some of the other parks we've visited. The area is full of unusual rock formations, including (of course!) many arches.


Window Arch close up

 The vibrant color of the rock was amazing and looked even better at sunset.

Cliffs at sunset

Some rocks were perilously perched above the trails...

Perilous rock

This view is is above a canyon with a trail along the bottom that meanders off through the opening in the walls.  The walls are VERY tall.

Scenic canyon

Another rock ready to tumble...

Another delicate rock

This is a nice view of a cluster of arches....

Cluster of arches

As you can tell by the pictures, it's pretty much desert scrub and not many trees.

Dead tree

Window arch...

Window Arch

This is "Landscape Arch"... It's not a great picture, as the day was totally overcast and grey. But, the arch was amazing. Very long and very delicate looking. The hike in this area was pretty neat. A lot of scrambling up and down rock and looking for the trail.

Landscape Arch

This is our campsite in the park. A simple drive through campground, but once you were pulled into your site, it was actually pretty nice with lots of space and the rocks right in front of you.

Campsite view