Crater Lake National Park

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Taking and car and driving off from Collier State Park, it was time to see Crater Lake!

It was only about 45 minutes or so away from my camp site. I drove completely around the rim making numerous stops and I took 120 pictures in all. The lake is just too big to capture in a single picture so I have a few for you down below. There were a lot of high clouds which I think lessens the blue-ness of the lake, which is 1900 feet deep in some spots. Some of the pictures do the blue more justice than others.

The first picture is about is overall as I can get in a single shot. In the background is Wizard Island, which is a smaller cinder cone within the lake.

Crater Lake

Here's a closer shot of Wizard Island from another direction.

Wizard Island

Here's another part of the lake and rim.

Crater Lake

And one more, which shows the small tip of another cinder cone, which is called Phantom Ship. You can see in in the lower center of the picture.

Phantom Ship

Long ago, in the early 1990s, we visited Crater Lake in May. There was still much snow, and the rim drive was closed, and the only access we had was from the parking lot of the lodge at the rim. There was also had a large metal tube through which we were able to walk through the large snow banks and get a little better view of the lake. That was really the only one vantage point available.

The next day I drove all the way home! It took me about ten hours to get back home, including a few rest stops on the way. The RV powered through some grades again without any problems. It was very cloudy when I started and then it rained on and off for a few hours as I crossed the California border and got pretty far south. I sure am glad this weather did not come a day sooner while I was at Crater Lake.

I left the RV along highway 236 near Lodge Road, and I got to the house (in the Honda) about 6:20 PM. Then the fun started. We've brought the RV up the driveway twice before, and each had been a bit of a challenge, but overall it was not too bad, taking maybe 20 minutes or so. That was not the case this time. It took about three hours to get the RV up the driveway!!

Basically, I tried a new angle on things, and backing up caused some rear parts (hitch receiver, skid rollers) to get caught on the edge of the (rather thick) asphalt basically stopping forward progress. Several more maneuverings left the RV so it could go neither forwards nor backwards. I had to use the folding shovel I had on hand and my axe to chip away at the asphalt, and some roots, to finally get the RV freed up. It was nice and dark by that time. Anyway, what a welcome home that was.