Bryce Canyon National Park

Activity Date: 
11/03/2003 - 11/06/2003

Bryce Canyon was absolutely stunning. It is hard to describe and I doubt the pictures will do it justice.


Bryce amphitheater

This is one time when a large 1024x768 picture would be much better! The rock formations (called 'hoodoos') and their colors are spectacular. It's really hard to believe that you drive along the middle of nowhere and, suddenly, there is Bryce Canyon in the middle of an otherwise plain area. The above picture is the widest angle shot I could get of the main Bryce amphitheatre.  The picture below is a closer shot of the far wall of the amphitheatre. You can really see the rows of hoodoos.

Bryce amphitheatre

There is an expanse of canyon spread our around the amphitheatre area. Below is a shot across another area at the end of the park. As you can see, there was snow topping the rocks. It snowed while we were there, so we had fresh white caps on the rocks.

Snowt hoodoo

One of the trails took us down into a section called "Wall Street" because the canyon walls got more narrow and taller as you went. Below is a shot of the trail starting down into the canyon. The people look pretty tiny next to the walls.

Wall Street

The trail led us under little cutouts...

Jeff by trail cutout

Here it is winding through a narrow part of the canyon.

Narrow trail

Around the next corner was a tree growing waaaayyyy up...

Tree in canyon trail

Crows were so large, they looked like black chickens...


An amazing thing about the rocks is that the colors are so vibrant that they seem to glow as if someone had put a light behind the rock. 

Amphithetre close up


Some areas had rolling, soft-looking hills leading up to the hoodoos.

More hoodoos

You can get an idea of the height of the hoodoos by looking at how small those trees look...

More hoodoos



Pixie was taking yet another nap... geez, you'd think she was the one out hiking all day! :)

Pixie napping on couch