Grand Canyon National Park

Activity Date: 
11/10/2003 - 11/15/2003

Grand Canyon was the last national park on our trip. We left Zion and went to the north rim of the Grand Canyon.



Grand Canyon view

The north rim is closed this time of year. You can still use the campground, but there are no facilities and they don't plow the roads when it snows.  We arrived at the north rim at the end of the day, just before sunset. We were excited to see the canyon, so we went directly to check it out quickly before it got dark. Below is a picture of as the sun was setting.

North Rim Bright Angle sunset view

The campground was totally empty, so we picked a great site right next to the canyon. We figured we'd have great views right from our site. Well, it ends up it was a good thing we took a quick peek at the canyon that evening.  When we got up the next morning, we found that a snow storm had moved in... here was our great view! Really, that's the Grand Canyon out there in that white cloud! :)

North Rim snow

We took the dogs on a run around the campsite. Since there was no one there, we let them off leash to play in the snow for a while. They had a blast.

Jeff and dogs in snow

After that, we had to pack up and leave. The snow kept getting heavier and we couldn't risk that the roads would get snowed closed. Since the area is closed, that would mean a long winter for us stuck out there.... We left the north rim, eventually got out of the snow, and headed south.

On the way to south rim

We stopped in Sedona on the way to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It's an artsy town in a beautiful area. Unfortunately, it was pouring the entire time, so we didn't get to hike in the surrounding area.  Punkin joined Oreo in her crate for a cozy nap.

Punkin and Oreo in crate napping

After the storms let up in Sedona, we headed to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We got really great weather once there.  It was cold, but no rain or snow. 

Jeff and Cynthia at south rim

I think these pictures will speak for themselves...

 Canyon view

Canyon view

Canyon view

Jeff and Cynthia at Canyon rim

We hiked down into the canyon one day on the Kaibab Trail. Not all the way down, just part way so we could go in and out in one day. Here is one part of the trail.

Trail view

This trail was used occasionally by mule teams to bring supplies down in the canyon. One team came up as we were going down.  They were all stringed together with a rider at the front and back.

Mule train on trail

The only bad part is that after the mule team went by, we got to hike through the fresh dung they left behind. Bleah. 

Mule on trail

We had fun using the self-timer to take pictures with both of us.

Jeff and Cynthia in canyon view

Jeff and Cythia, sitting, in canyon view

Blue bird

Yet another canyon view

This is a view down at bright angel trail leading down to the bottom of the canyon. We thought it was cool how the trail looks like animal shapes from up above. We see a sea lion, seagull, polar bear and eagle...

Looking down at Bright Angel trail

Sunset over the Grand Canyon...

Canyon at sunset

The end of an incredible trip....