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Well, we made it down our driveway in one piece. :) All that tree trimming  I did along the driveway and Lodge Road helped a lot. I don’t know when the county or the power company was planning to clean  up the trees, but being the owner of the tallest vehicle, I had to do something before we left. :)

We got into the Wine Country RV Resort around 5 p.m., and got settled in. The park has developed a number of  new sites and a new building since our last visit. There is also a water park nearby, and the Firestone Winery is located right next door.  It looks like this RV park has become quite a premier place to stay in Paso Robles. Unfortunately, their prices reflect that too.
We drove into town to discover the restaurant we really liked at 13th and Spring was no more. The new restaurant, Matthew's, occupying the same building was pretty good though, so we ended having Cynthia's b-day dinner there.
The animals are re-acclimating themselves. We've had various combinations of them in the RV at home, but Chloe seems pretty freaked out still. Neither she nor Zoe have ever been in the RV while it was moving.  Zoe adjusted very quickly though, and was happy to be on any of the chairs or couch, Cynthia’s lap etc., while in motion. Pixie and Punkin also were pretty easy. Caper and Oreo were a little excited for a while, but they calmed down as well.
It’s nice to finally be on the way, even if we’re only about three hours from home. :) Heck, we’re still sort of setting ourselves in, moving things around among the various cabinets etc.  We plan to stay here a  few days, and visit a 2 or 3 wineries per day, do some more shopping, eat out, hang out with all the animals. It will be fun!