Getting out of California

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There is nothing really scenic about the southwest route out of California. Basically ugly landscape and very hot.

This area goes by Death Valley National Monument - not a place to visit in summer weather.
Punkin and Pixie got comfortable on the couch during the drive.

Caper and Oreo like to squeeze in as close to the front where we are during the drive.

We drove as far as we could, with the goal of getting to at least Barstow. We made it about 20 miles past that and stopped for the night in Newberry Springs.  The name sounds much nicer than it is.
OH MY! This is the WORST place we have ever stopped, even for a one-nighter. It was 100 degrees and all we needed was some shade and electricity to turn on the air-conditioning. Well, we got the electricity, forget the shade!
This is truly a picture of the RV park’s front sign. It’s right next to I-40 interstate with trucks whizzing on by.

The picture at the top of the page is a view of our RV in the “park”. Quite barren, eh?
Well, we had to stop somewhere. :) So, we plugged in, turned on the air-conditioning, closed all the window shades and pretended we were somewhere pretty. :)
Punkin thought it was fine and stretched out for a nap...

Well, we’re ready to get out of California tomorrow.