Made it to Flagstaff

Activity Date: 
09/14/2007 - 09/19/2007

We did a long day of driving and made it to Flagstaff, Arizona.  We had traveled through Flagstaff once before, but hadn’t stayed in the area. So, this is a nice chance to check it out.

We stayed at a really nice place  - Greer’s Pine Shadows RV Park. They don’t seem to have a website.  90% of their place is rented on a monthly or longer-term basis.  They said they only had 11 spots available for stop overs like us. We thought we’d stay a few days, but we liked the park and the area so much we ended up staying 5 nights. Unfortunately, we didn’t think to take a picture of the place.  It was very nice, though. As the name says, a lot of Pine trees and a lot of shade. :)  The people staying there were also very nice. We will definitely stay at Greer’s next time we are in the area.

Greer’s is right next to Mt Elden in the Coconino National Forest. They have a trail that starts at the edge of the RV park.  We went on a short hike our first day and it was really pretty with great views. Most of the hike was gently rising towards the mountain. We started at ~ 7,000 feet and the Mt Elden summit is ~9,000+ feet. We didn’t hike anywhere near that much elevation!

We stopped under this tree to eat our lunch.

The view around to the other side from the same area.

After lunch, we hiked a bit further up and around a corner and this was a view over that ridgeline. The rocks were a really pretty reddish color.

A nice reddish rock with lichen growing on it.

We were a little more huffing-puffing on the hike than normal - getting used to the elevation, I think. :)< We visited downtown (old town) Flagstaff on a couple different days. Old town is a small shopping area with historic buildings.  We had a great lunch one day and dinner another day at the Mountain Oasis restaurant. Okay, yes, we ate at the same place! Heck, lunch was really good and their dinner menu looked yummy, so we figured we’d just do it. :)