Bought a Jeep!

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We did it! We now own a Jeep! We thought it would actually take a bit longer to find just the right one in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas, but we got what we wanted at the first stop. :)

For the past couple of weeks, Cynthia did a lot of inventory research in the area, and talked with a broker affiliated with our credit union to figure out what the inventory was, general price ranges, availability, etc. So, we by no means went into the first dealer cold. :)

Also, since our Jeep rental experience last month, we did significant research into SUVs in general and Jeeps in particular. Super hardcore off-roading does not seem to be on the radar right now, but we didn't want to get caught with too little Jeep and regret it, or pour in thousands of dollars in aftermarket products and modifications. So, in the end we opted for the Rubicon features which did not cost a whole lot more than a Wrangler X with some required options.

We bought a new 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (4-door). Our first choice was the flame red color we liked so much with the rental Jeep, but silver was a great alternative. And, we did not end up with a bunch of options we didn't want to pay for. So, here's our new baby in front of the RV:

The Freedom Top hardtop was a requirement for us. Removing the two front panels really opens things up like a convertible soft top, but they can be quickly replaced should the weather take a turn for the worse. The two panels are a little bulky to store in the back, but it works out. With all the rain we've had lately, we can't get a good picture of our jeep with the front panels off, so here is a stock picture from the Jeep website:

We bought the Jeep at The Faricy Boys in Colorado Springs. Our salesman, Craig, was a great guy and was able to answer all of our questions. As far as buying experiences go, it was okay; with the usual negotiations, brought in the sales manager to help keep us there, wrap things up with the finance guy etc. We were there several hours.

Jeep is one of the better selling Chrysler brands (the only Chrysler car make to have gone UP in sales volume this year), and in Colorado specifically, Jeep Wranglers are quite popular. Jeep did shut down production earlier this year, and with dealers closing, much of the Jeep inventory was purchased by the surviving dealers. In the end, we're happy with the final price, but it would have been better for us if the Jeep dealers had been more desperate. :)

The dealership has a nice off-road simulation course right on site. It is so well done we didn't notice it as anything other than decorative rocks, wood and surrounding lawn. Due to insurance reasons, our salesman had to drive the course. We had no idea where he was going at first. We thought he'd drive off the lot, instead, he drove deeper into the dealership and then onto a ramp that goes through a fence, and right onto the course.

Of course, we didn't have our camera with us at the time. So, when we went back a couple of days later we took some pictures of the course. The ramp in:

It's hard to see how uneven the rocks are in the picture, but it had some nice simulations of a bumpy rock road.

This part was really cool. He drove the jeep along the side of this ramp (where Jeff is standing). Too bad we don't have a picture of that! It looks so innocent in the picture, but when driving it felt like we were going to tip the entire car over.

On this part of the course, they show you how the 4WD and locking differential works. Three of the wheels are put on the rolling bars with one wheel on the solid rock. Of course, the three tires spin when you try to go forward, but the one tire does the job just fine.

The water here is about 2' deep.

What a neat way to test drive a Jeep! :)