Another rainy day

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Ick. Yesterday was socked in and pouring everywhere we went. Today is just as bad. Now that we've spent a day and a half at ~9,000' elevation and are hopefully more acclimated to the altitude, we were planning on taking a hike.

But, it's been dumping rain off and on all day so far. Change of plans! Today is a work day instead. Jeff has some upcoming deadlines for his contract, so why not take advantage of the bad weather to get some work done.

We took a little break to play with the Jeep on a nearby 4WD road. It was a chance to try out the various settings (sway bar disconnect, axle lockers, etc) to see how they felt on different sized rocks, dips and such. Nothing too exciting in the pictures, but it was fun.

This is a good representation of the weather, too. Bleah!

The beginning of the road.

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Here we are trying to see how much the tow bar interferes with the clearance up front. It's hard to see in the picture, but the tow bar that attaches to the RV is sticking out quite a bit from the front bumper. We were trying different angles and depths of dips in the road to make sure the tow bar wouldn't hit. It does reduce the approach angle quite a bit. At least it's easy to remove the crossbar should we encounter more challenging conditions.

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Trying out the sway bar disconnect while driving with one tire in the gully.

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This is funny, Jeff drove the front left tire up on a rock, and it made the Jeep look level instead of angled over into the gully. Ok, maybe it was funnier to me from outside watching. :)

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That's it for our excursion today. This road really did not challenge the Jeep very much. But there is no way we would have taken our previous car (Honda CR-V) on it though.

Well, back to the RV to get some work done. Hoping for better weather tomorrow.