Jeff & Cynthia's RV Adventures

In May of 2008 we sold our house and everything in it, packed up the dog and cats, moved into our RV, and became fulltimers! Our plan is to travel anywhere we can, see everything we want and have fun while doing it.

Follow along in our adventures with our travelogues. Our current travelogues are always here on the home page. Or, you can checkout the Travelogues page to navigate back in time. While we've been fulltimers since May of 2008, we've had our RV since 2003. We are slowly adding older content from previous trips to this website. The JUST POSTED! box on the right side of the web page will show you the latest content we've added, so you may see travelogues from a year ago pop up there as we move the content over from our other websites.

Current Adventures

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Our plan was to drive up the east side of Rollins Pass, then hike the Forest Lakes trail from...

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The weather started out looking sunny, so we decided to tackle the Kingston Peak offroad trail....

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Ick. Yesterday was socked in and pouring everywhere we went. Today is just as bad. Now that we'...

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Today we are finally moving north. Originally, we planned to head right up to Rocky Mountain...

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Today we drove up to Pikes Peak via Hwy 24. The drive on Hwy 24 is pretty scenic with the rocky...

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So, we bought the Jeep on Wednesday, and here it is Saturday and we've not done anything fun...